Colorprep: a sweet deal for the right people

Way too much has gone into your big print project for anything to go wrong. You can always count on Colorprep to return high quality print-ready images from your supplied files, at a very reasonable cost. The process is a lot like video post-production work where experts transform stark, raw footage into attractive, color-balanced scenes while keeping a natural look. It’s all done here, with your photos, by a skilled, seasoned prepress specialist.

With a carefully-planned series of improvements, I take your digital images right where you’d want them to be. Photos that will look great on press and please your most particular clients. You’ll be amazed yourself and proud to give out print samples.


Nearly all images can be quickly improved, usually much more than what’s typically performed at printing companies, even if you request it. Few printers really have the budget, the time or make the commitment to continually train their prepress staff to keep up with the latest available knowledge and enhancement techniques. Printers want your image files to be fully ready.

With Colorprep services you get the advantage of over twenty-five years color experience (including ten years prepress service bureau experience) and a solid understanding of digital image optimization using the latest methods. Go ahead, just give me a call 410-549-5564. The whole process is very simple. You’ll be hooked, once you see your project on press.

Colorprep Mission Statement


Colorprep first opened its doors in 2003 as a resource for graphic designers, providing expert preparation of their images to send off for trouble-free printing. Added benefits are speed, cost savings and predictability, making everyone look good while their jobs become a little easier.


I strive to work with with a limited group of like-minded people who still recognize and enjoy excellent print quality, understand the real value of a skilled professional, like to work efficiently, and love to satisfy their clients.


Key to Colorprep's success:


• Fast, easy-to-use online Job Request page customized for each client

• Ongoing color study & testing while many companies have cut back

• Hi-speed automation of many functions, keeping costs low

• All work precisely tracked and billed at comparatively low hourly rate
• Informative, clear and thorough communications, asking questions
• 25+ years of prepress, service bureau and photo studio experience

Who Does Colorprep Serve?

Serving all who hate to see their design work spoiled by poorly prepped photos.

Colorprep works with anyone using digital images in print. People concerned with high quality, and providing the greatest value to their end client. Graphic design firms, ad agencies and inhouse designers are typical clients.

I work with people who want to simplify their work. In less than a minute, with just a few clicks on your online Job Request page, you can arrange expert custom processing of all your digital camera images, drum scans, etc. In and out. Done. Any time of day or night. You’re right back to work.

Our clients know that their valuable images have been handled properly. Accurate random proofs further help eliminate unplallieasant, expensive surprises from showing up later on printers page proofs after all files are imposed, trapped and press time is nearing. Or worse, after the job is on press, or even printed.

You want to know your project is being done correctly and will look good. No one wants any issues to explain or take responsibility for. I do everything possible to make things go smoothly for everyone.

How it's done…

You may discover that many small details were quietly attended to.

Many years of working with graphic designers and photographers gives a real sense of what’s desirable or disturbing. I try to take care of everything from the start. Saves money and makes you look good.

Photos are typically corrected for blown-out highlights, incorrect white balance, color casts, facial blemishes, black eyes, red eyes, yellow teeth, sparse tone along edges of picture boxes or behind reverse type, insufficient bleeds, etc. and whatever else is apparent. I always set full range highlight/shadows, evaluate and set neutrals, flesh and other “known” colors, adjust contrast of interest objects, even out uneven exposure conditions, diminish grain in low-light shots, convert to CMYK by most appropriate method, and sharpening, etc. You get back trouble-free images.

Key to the process is using soft-proofing techniques while working up each image in a carefully planned series of small quality enhancement steps.

All are encouraged to book their projects with a quick, easy-to-use online Job Request page. Use it to quickly arrange expert optimization of one image or a hundred, and be done and back to your own work in about a minute. Fast turnarounds are no problem at all when the schedule permits.

All clients are urged to supply printing job specs and an InDesign document from which cropping, scaling, sharpening, text legibility and other info can be obtained. Also, you get neatly ganged random CMYK proofs using your own picture boxes.


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Services offered

You provide the digital images and layout; I take it from there. “Raw” camera files are the preferred format for best results, but I work with any kind. You’ll receive professional, fully press-ready color image files, saving you prepress costs and possible aggravations at press time.

Specific retouching requests are no problem. Images are normally prepared at the final print size to properly sharpen/brighten them.

Accurate CMYK random proofs are processed through our profiled RIP showing the placed images in your picture boxes just as they will print. Proofs are efficiently ganged with filenames beneath each image, and they will match page proofs from quality printing companies.

I also offer a low-cost internal proofing option to save time and assure top quality for clients not needing to see proofs. HALF-PRICE INTERNAL PROOFING

Besides color correction, other Photoshop tasks are available from Colorprep:

Drum Scans—when image quality is important. Still doing them here!

More information about our drum scanning services is found here.

Files get transferred via US Mail, FEDEX, UPS, on disc, or through our FTP site or yours. Your satisfaction is always guaranteed—you would never have to pay for any work that you’re unhappy with.

Working solo—it can get a little quiet here! Call now: 410-549-5564

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